Hi All,

We have now finished our two medical clinic days.  We had a great time ministering to the villagers in two remote villages, one about an hour away from the mission base on Friday and another about two hours away on Saturday. 

We had around 35 families visit the clinic on Friday, all of which received vitamins and a parasite pill.  We also distributed a lot of pain reliever, antibiotic, and skin ointment.  Thankfully, no serious medical conditions were found.  After all the families came though the clinic, we started showing the Jesus film on the patio of the school.  Even the children were interested in the film.  After the film was done, we sang some songs and then a few team members shared their testimony.  The team had learned a few praise and worship in Spanish that seemed to reach the crowd.  After this, Hermano Jesus presented the gospel and 20 or so people came forward to receive Jesus into their hearts.  It was encouraging seeing some 

young boys coming forward.  Join us in praying for revival in this tiny village in the mountains of Guatemala.  The highlight of our return trip to the base was when two of our three vans couldn’t make it up one of the hills due to the rain-soaked, muddy road.  The team was able to push one of the vans up the hill and we pulled the other van up the hill using the third van.  We did a lot of praying during the trip in and out of this village!

Saturday provided a completely different experience.  The trip was longer and spectacularly beautiful as we traveled on a dirt road on the side of a mountain.  Again, we set up our clinic in the school and saw around 50 families.  This village had many large families and were more reserved than the previous night’s village.  Many only spoke ketchiquel, the local indiginous language, with spanish as their second language.  We experienced a large outpouring of people coming forward after Hermano Jesus offered an invitation to accept Christ.  Many were openly weeping as they came forward.  In the end, three separate groups came forward to ask Jesus into their hearts and received a bible, with the total number around 50.  It was exciting to see so many families leaving the village with their first bible!

Right now, we are leaving to shop in Antigua.  After lunch, we will visit Estuardo and then go to the new mission base.

Pray for our safe return. 


The Harvest JQ Team


Hi Friends and Family,

We are now in Chimaltenango at the mission base.  We spent our first 3 days building homes in a beautiful mountain village called La Bendicion.  We stayed in a large plantation house surrounded by mountains and very accepting, friendly people.  It felt a little like camping, with cold showers and electricity by generator.  When you walked out of your room, there was always a bunch of kids wanting to play ball, have their fingernails painted, play cards, or just be held. 

Today, was a big day for the team.  We painted the inside of the houses, added decoration, and painted on scripture God had given us to put on the interior walls of each home.  We presented the homeowners with their homes and gave each famiy gifts from the generous donations we brought down with us.  Dan and our pastor, Hermano Jesus,

brought the discussion around to God’s Word and presented the Gospel.  God touched hearts in each home and many rededicated their lives to Him.  We also had many who gave their lives over to Him for the first time.  To God be the glory!

Tomorrow, we switch over to doing medical clinics.  We are looking forward to seeing what else God has in store for us.  We miss you.  Continue to pray for us and His work through this trip.

Blessings from Team JQ Harvest

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